I CALANCHI farm was born because we are in search of self-sufficiency, of eco-sustainability and simplicity. Our family, in fact, after having lived for 8 years in a big city like Bologna, has chosen to live in a small town with few inhabitants, because in search of simplicity and genuineness in every sense, in interpersonal relationships as well as in the food we produce by ourselves and in the style of living. If you are in search of simplicity ‘and genuineness we are waiting for you and if you are interested in green building and eco-sustainability we will tell you what we are doing…

I Calanchi Agriturismo

Str. Prov.le per Borgo Massano n.5, 61020, Montecalvo in Foglia, PU

Informazioni sulla struttura

  • Num. Stanze: 4
  • Num. Letti totali: 7
  • Tipo di Ristorazione: centri rurali di ristoro e degustrazione

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