Leaving behind Mercatello with its old stone walls and beautiful alleys, climb a steep upward path, that all ‘beginning is paved then becomes white.
The houses thin out and around the nature with its rich vegetation surrounds you, the road seems abandoned and the feeling of being wrong and have missed takes over.

You would want to go back, but the scenery is nice and the view on Apennines, especially at sunset, you steals your heart and calms the mind.

Then discover the town on which stands the farm and everything changes.

That ‘s the start of your holiday, this is what we have to offer and what makes this place special, we try to enhance it by giving simple and sincere hospitality so that you can live unique moments enriched by our services and our proposals.

The farm “La Grotta dei Folletti” is in the municipality of Mercatello Metauro (PU), Orange flag of the Touring Club and Blue Flag for the quality of inland waters. At a height of 700 m. We Umbria and Tuscany at your doorstep.

The small village on which stands the ‘farm dates back to 1600 and is built in stone. The fully-restored are complemented by two gardens, one with fenced playground and POOL that creates a ‘private area and secure, the’ other, more discreet and ideal for relaxing and reading. We can accommodate you in both rooms, in apartments. Wireless signal coverage inside and outside 100% free for our guests.

La grotta dei folletti

Loc. Bruciata n.29/a, 61040, Mercatello sul Metauro, PU
  • Tel.: +39 0722.89120
  • Cell.: +39 340.3281079
  • Cell.: +39 349.7591123
  • Fax: +39 0722.89120
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Informazioni sulla struttura

  • Num. Stanze: 8
  • Num. Appartamenti: 2
  • Num. Letti totali: 30
  • Tipo di Ristorazione: enoteca / degustazione

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