Perfectly situated just five kilometers from the artistic and cultural treasures of Urbino on a slope between two ancient roads, one leading to Pesaro along the top of the hill, the other following the flow of the river Foglia, you’ll discover the enchanting natural world of Le Fontane. Amid hazelnut forests, walnut trees and terraced orchards, four farmhouses have been carefully restored into confortable living-spaces of different sizes, offering highly flexible accomodations: from a mini-apartment (double bedroom, bathroom, sitting-living room with a cooking area) to a complete, traditional single family residence. Le Fontane pleasantly commands uninterrupted views over the Montefeltro mountains towards the Emilia Romagna. From the landscaped gardens and open spaces around the houses you can observe one of the ancient watch-tower of the bygone dukedom of Urbino and the three peaks where the Republic of San Marino is situated.
The surrounding lawns, the swimming-pool, the solarium, the shaded dining areas, the small lake and the archery corner can be easly reached from the country buildings.
Le Fontane is an inspiring example of nature, a living part of the enviroment which cradles a region rich in historical events and traditions. Very near to one of the most important cultural capitals of the XV century, it is, at the same time, a far off place where you can find foxes and wild boars, watch and listen to singing birds and gather meadow flowers.
Le Fontane is an ideal starting point to discover an until yet unknwon goal, a place where, in silence, you can reflect upon what you’ve already gained.

Le Fontane (Urbino)

Via Pallino n. 25, 61029, Urbino, PU
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